Do Your Ideal Customers Know How Awesome You Are?

You know how awesome your business or brand is, but do your customers and clients know?

Are your potential customers or clients aware of how great you are? How about the rest of your Industry?

Schedule a 2 Hour BrandCRAM With Us, We'll Build Your Brand, & We'll Share Your Awesomeness With The World

Go From A Great Brand, To An Awesome Brand

Cusp Creative is all about Building Brands. We are about helping you be awesome, realizing your dreams and ambition, and making the seemingly ordinary, extraordinary. CUSP CREATIVE AGENCY is about letting your brand be as awesome as it can be. Through complete strategy and awesome creative design, Cusp Creative combines story and experience to build Awesome Brands – Awesome Brands like yours.

Branding For Your Customers, Your Ideal Ones

We connect your ideal customer or client with your Awesome Business or Brand in the digital world. We love to help, we love to make, we love to build – let’s work together to build your brand. Let’s ensure your ideal customers see your value and share the value you have brought to them with their network – and scale yours.

Who We've Helped Get Awesome

Some Were Already Awesome, Some Needed A Push, But ALL Are Enjoying A Better Peace Of Mind Knowing That Their Awesomeness Is Known By Those Who Matter Most To Their Business

Awesome Branding Programs

Cusp Creative Agency Helps Develop Branding Plans For Brands Of All Types - Pick The Best One For Your Business. Start With A BrandCram and See Where Your Brand Stands.


1 Day Of Your Time
$ 11,950*

For Brands that need the fundamentals. Cusp implements the awesome business and brand strategy developed in the BrandCRAM into a completely integrated brand.

This often includes your logo, design and build of your website with brand messaging and copy, creation and optimization of your social media accounts, development of your service products, sales process, and pricing that will turn you into a highly profitable business, and all your collateral material needed.

This is Cusp Creative’s most popular BrandBuild package; the needs of 90% of small, services-based businesses we deal with are completely content with this.

*Previous payment from the BrandCram is applied to the cost


2 Days Of Your Time
$ 14,950*

Same deliverables and services as the BrandBuild, but for Brands that have more than 6 pages on their website, additional marketing collateral needs and/or higher level marketing strategy needs.

In the BrandBuild+ there is more time to edit the creative work on day one.

*Previous payment from the BrandCram is applied to the cost


3 Days of Your Time
$ 24,950*

How Awesome Can You Get?? This is next level stuff…A complete rebrand with strategy and execution, including a professional video shoot and complete marketing campaigns that will set you up for awesome success moving forward.

This is only for those Brands looking to play in the big leagues, completely conceptualized, creative directed and implemented by the Cusp Creative Team.

The 3 days takes place over 7 days to allow time for video shooting and editing.

*Previous payment from the BrandCram is applied to the cost

We’re all creatives, in love with the same thing

Cusp is a multi-generational and multi-disciplined team of awesome real individuals who come together digitally to form one team with a focused mission: to build awesome brands. What we do and why we do it well comes from inside. With Cusp Creative’s shared principles in place, we build without fear, working for your brand within an ecosystem that facilitates awesome work for the most awesome clients of earth. You are a great brand; an brand on the Cusp of being Awesome – let’s get there together!
Bill Jones

Bill Jones


Amanda Reis-Jones

Amanda Reis-Jones

Social Media Diva

Devon Williams

Devon Williams

Digital Architect

Maybe You

Maybe You

Work With Us


We think we are awesome, but don't take our word for it..
"Without the direction of Cusp Creative my Business would not be where it is today. Bill, and his team, have a real grasp on Branding a new business and developing well thought-out Marketing Plans."
Jamie Chisick

Jamie Chisick

CEO - Delta Health

"We simply did not have the time or resources to manage our Social Media accounts. Cusp came in, optimized everything, put thoughtful campaigns in place, and took it way beyond our expectations."
Gerald Minst

Gerald Minst

President - Motivational Industries

"My Marketing system was way out of wack. After an initial BrandCheck from Cusp, I knew where I stood and what was needed to get up to date. Bill provided me options, within budget, & we were on our way."
Leslie Covey

Leslie Covey

SisSystem Designs

You're Awesome, We're Awesome, We Should Talk

We're excited to learn about how awesome your brand is and see if we can help make it even more awesome! Shoot over some info and we will set up a time to speak about how Cusp Creative Agency can take your Brand where it should be.