BrandBuild Pricing

Get the awesome brand you need with our intensive BRANDBUILD Process

Positioning, messaging, copy, logo, identity, voice, website design, social media accounts, and build…

Cusp Creative executes everything according to your Brand’s needs in 1-3 days. How is this possible? We do a good chunk of the creative work ahead of time, so that we can efficiently utilize your time to get feedback, make the right edits in real time, polish, move forward, and launch!

That’s Awesome Branding for Awesome Bands.



1 Day Of Your Time


For Brands that need the fundamentals. Cusp implements the awesome business and brand strategy developed in the BrandCRAM into a completely integrated brand. This often includes your logo, design and build of your website with brand messaging and copy, creation and optimization of your social media accounts, development of your service products, sales process, and pricing that will turn you into a highly profitable business, and all your collateral material needed.

This is Cusp Creative’s most popular BrandBuild package; the needs of 90% of small, services-based businesses we deal with are completely content with this.


*Previous payment from the BrandCram is applied to the cost

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2 Days Of Your Time

 10am-6pm x2

Same deliverables and services as the BrandBuild, but for Brands that have more than 6 pages on their website, additional marketing collateral needs and/or higher level marketing strategy needs.

In the BrandBuild+ there is more time to edit the creative work on day one. 


*Previous payment from the BrandCram is applied to the cost

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BrandBuildX from Cusp Creative


3 Days Of Your Time

10am-6pm x3

How Awesome Can You Get?? This is next level stuff…A complete rebrand with strategy and execution, including a professional video shoot and a complete marketing campaigns that will set you up for awesome success moving forward. This is only for those Brands looking to play in the big leagues, completely conceptualized, creative directed and implemented by the Cusp Creative Team.

The 3 days takes place over 7 days to allow time for video shooting and editing.


*Previous payment from the BrandCram is applied to the cost

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5-Day Weeklong Intensive

Brands with larger websites, tons of content to enter, contact forms, and large marketing collateral needs can get the total awesome package here.

After our BrandCram, Cusp Creative will let you know if this package is necessary to fulfill all your listed deliverables, and provide you the option to remove some deliverables in order to downsize to the BrandBuild+ if needed.