The BrandCram

BRandCram from cusp creative


The BrandCram is an interview that is a sharp dose of reality – an eye opening experience. It addresses key Business and Brand questions like:

  • Is your Brand’s message easily digestible?
  • Does your Brand¬†stand out as being different?
  • Is your Brand disrupting people’s thoughts & inspiring a certain curiosity that has them wanting¬†more?


The time you spend with us in your session will leave you thinking about your Brand in new and exciting ways. The Cusp Creative team gathers all the info and french-presses it through our awesome filter to identify the best ways to pitch your Awesome Value Proposition (AVP) Рthe awesome-sauce that compels customers and clients to engage, buy, and tell their friends about you.


Your BrandCram includes a 2 hour interview and a 5 page Brand Breakdown that will identify your awesome brand opportunity and a plan to take the next steps


*(This cost gets applied to any Awesome BrandBuild moving forward).

Great resource for businesses looking for help with defining their brand. I used Cusp to help me fine tune my branding message for my Record Label. Those guys delivered in a big way by giving us concrete action steps and tangible deliverables that we could implement right away. The Cusp Creative Team is an awesome juggernaut: their advice was spot on and now we have a clear view of how t get where we need to be. I definitely recommend their services, it’ll change your business mindset!

Ian C. – Maplewood Records

Bill and Cusp are an awesome team that came in and overhauled our brand – the way we communicate our process. We were so floored by their efficient BrandCram model that we have referred them to numerous fellow entrepreneurs. I wouldn’t hesitate, but if you are hesitant consider this – the BrandCram may be a good place (low capital commitment) to start to see if you like their style. We interviewed a few other Agencies before hiring them. Be prepared, they are no nonsense and take their job very seriously – be ready to make decisions. Cusp’s goal is to help you be awesome and make more money as soon as possible.

Shaun F. – Love You Box

When they say awesome, they mean awesome! I cannot speak highly enough of Cusp Creative’s BrandCram. As a new brand I realize the importance of having a strong, unique and authentic voice, but I struggled with finding the right ways to drill down on this and concisely convey it until meeting with Bill and his team. They dove right into Delta Health before we met and came to the table with clear and very ‘on brand’ points, verbiage and a truly awesome perspective. These guys showed me how awesome we were and can definitely help your customers see how awesome you are too!

Jamie C. – Delta Health