Social Media Training

Cusp Creativeā€™s Social Media Training services help your Business or Brandā€™s Social Media team grow.

We offer training on an individual or group basis. From custom webinars and video tutorials, to updated policy documentation and onsite intensive sessions tailored to your Business.


Social PropertiesĀ Training

Looking for a quick 101 on all of the different Social Media Properties (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+)? Or are you looking toĀ deep-dive into best practices on a singleĀ Social Media Platform?

We got you – We šŸ–¤ Social


Content Optimization

Learn the best ways to optimize your content for your Brand’s message and what content is working best with your audience. Optimization training prepares you and your team with increasing sales, engagement, or other objectives you are working towards.

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Content Creation

Is your Brand speechless? Running out of stuff to say? Have a Cusp Content Pro get started with Social Property templates and some basics of writing sweet copy.



The last thing any Business needs is the FCC knocking on their door because ofĀ a mis-managed blogger outreach attempt. Our ProsĀ can give your team the ins and outs on the regulations. Tell your legal adviser to take a break – for once.


Workshops & Classes

We believe that the BEST way to learn is with aĀ hands-on approach. Let us create a special in-house workshop for your team – even the biggest of Debbie-Downers will gain some real world knowledge on how Social Media can push them over the top.



Are you working toward implementing a well-thought-out Social Media program for your company? We can work as a trusted adviser. Stop Spit-Balling and lets work together & actually zero in on goals and strategies.

šŸ’Ŗ No Pain, No Gain šŸ’Ŗ

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