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No matter at what point of the journey they are on, Cusp Creative’s Digital Business Consulting Services help push Businesses on the Cusp of Greatness over the top towards the success they deserve.


We Identify Your Ideal Clients, Craft Awesome Strategy, and Implement Actionable Solutions for good Awesome Results

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Digital Business Consulting Services

Digital Strategy

Having a Digital Strategy is no longer optional in our fast-paced, digital world. It is a critical factor in ensuring your business is a success.

Cusp Creative crafts comprehensive Digital Strategies for Businesses on the Cusp to: Identify, Attract, Convert, and Evangelize their Ideal Clients.

Digital Marketing
Most Business Owners do not realize that they are sitting on a Gold Mine – their Data!

Your existing clients should be an extention of your Sales Team. By evangelizing and educating them they stay with you and buy higher level products and services.

Cusp Creative crafts education inititives to bolster new sales and drive upsells more effectively.

Digital Advertising
Generally there are 3 Media types: Paid, Earned, and Owned. Advertising Online falls into the PAID classification and increasingly is paramount to a Business’ success online.

Cusp Creative builds complete Digital Advertising Strategies & can help your Business Implement  programs that encompass: Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc), Search Engine Advertising (Google Ads, Bing, etc), Remarketing Ads, and Music Streaming Advertising (Spotify, Pandora, etc)

Content Strategy
Awesome Digital Strategy alone will not get your Business where it needs to be – you need Content!

Cusp Creative builds complete Content Strategies & can help your Business Implement  programs that encompass: Blogs and Blog Posts, Whitepapers, eBooks, Infographics, eNewsletters, Press Releases, Email Courses, Email Drip Campaigns, and more…

Marketing Budgets
A Digital Strategy that encompasses Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Content Strategy is great – but how much should your Business spend on it?

Cusp Creative builds complete Marketing Budgets & can help your Business Implement  programs that encompass: Traditional Marketing (Print, Radio, Television, etc.) Digital Marketing (Social Advertising, Music Streaming Advertising, Search marketing, etc) and Experential Marketing (Events, Billboards, Sponsorships, etc.)

Marketing Stack Audits
Is the Marketing Operation for your Business running at optimal levels? Are you using the right tools and processes to truly be sucessful?

Cusp Creative audits Marketing Departments for Businesses & delivers a comprehensice report on the effectiveness your Marketing: Software, Automation, Standard Operating Practices, Diligence, and Effectiveness.

Marketing Automation
Is your Marketing Team working hard, or hardly working? Do they need to be??

Cusp Creative builds complete Marketing Automation Strategies & can help your Business streamline Marketing processes with Automation tools ( IFTTT, Zapier, Pushbullet, etc.) for more efficient Marketing initiatives (Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, Content Marketing, etc.)

Marketing Integrations
The Marketing Startegy for your Business is going strong – you are getting leads and building an Audience – but are your Leads being delivered to your CRM properly? your Sales Staff??

Cusp Creative ensures the Marketing Integrations for your Businesses are properlt installed, firing correctly, and delivering data to its intended destination in your CRM (Podio, Slaesforce, Sage, etc.)

Marketing Operations

Just how efficient is the Marketing Department running for your Business?

Cusp Creative refines end-to-end Digital Marketing processes and automation strategies. Our Marketing Operations experts deliver solutions that make marketing work.

Sales Support

Marketing’s role is to help support the Sales Team, to help provide all the tools needed to convert Prospects and Leads to Customers and Clients.

Cusp Creative Better Brings Sales & Marketing Together For Your Business.

Sales & Marketing Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
An SLA between your Marketing and Sales in your Business is a contract that holds each team accountable to specific, agreed-upon expectations that align to the same goal – driving revenue.

Cusp Creative will help your Buiness craft the tactical and structural changes needed to come out of an SLA with a better alignment between your Marketing and Sales teams.

You wouldn’t send an archer to battel wthout any arrows in her quiver – why would you do the same thing to your Sales Staff?

Cusp Creative provides a complete suite of Awesome Collateral options for your Business that encompass: Flyers, Business Cards, Direct Mail Pieces, Pitch Decks, Brochures, One Sheets, and more…

Market Research
Your Business has an Awesome Product or Service – but who are your Ideal Customers and Clients? How do you reach them?

Cusp Creative provides complete Marketing Research Strategies that will help you either enter Market with a new product or service at the right level or better determine the effectiveness of your product or service at your existing level.

Retention & Upsell Strategy
Most Business Owners do not realize that they are sitting on a Gold Mine – their Data!

By educating and evangelizing your existing client base, the Sales Staff of your Business is in better position for longer retention and more effective Upsells.

Cusp Creative creates Awesome Retention & Upsell programs for you.

Hey, It’s Bill From Cusp

Dedicated To Being Awesome

Focused on Digital Strategy, Marketing Operations, and Sales Support my whole career, Businesses & Brands hire me to help push their Business on the Cusp of greatness over the top towards the awesomeness they deserve.

My 🙏 Mantra

My mantra is “Stay Awesome!

Why? Because it is my belief that just like each and everyone of us is awesome in our own way, so are Businesses & Brands. The greatest benefits come from the work and generosity that I put into my relationships with my clients.

My 😇 Values

I believe in doing my very best, always serving others first, and continuing to operate out of love instead of fear. I believe that word is bond, that being profitable does not have to be costly, that having fun, being more giving, and being teachable while teaching others will only help.

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