Today’s market is a global one, it is paramount to stand apart from the crowd. You are no longer competing on a local stage alone, your organization (big or small) now competes in the global economy.

How Does Branding Set You Apart From Your Competition?

A Brand is not a logo.

A Brand is not a website.

A Brand is not a cool font.

A Brand is not a tagline or a Facebook page or a business card or a ballpoint pen with your name on it.

A Brand is a promise.

A Brand is what people trust, what they feel, and what they believe you or your product/service to be.

Branding is how you express that promise to people.

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You Must Define Your Brand – Before Others Do

Your Business’ Brand will ultimately be defined by other people, mostly your customers and potential customers. They make up their minds about who your Brand is and you will have to live with it. By getting a Plan in place, by Building Your Brand, you can get out in front and try to influence them before their minds are made up. It is easier when they don’t yet know you and harder when they do.

So, your brand can’t just be what you want it to be. It needs to be based on some truth about you, as well as client needs. Otherwise your brand will be rejected as not credible. Your brand should also be nimble enough to evolve as you or the market change over time.

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You must be clear about what you need your brand to achieve at a strategic level. This is what will set you apart from your competitors – you will stay top of mind and become Brand Memorable. A brand should also say who you are not. A strong, healthy, awesome brand is not for everyone – nor should they want to be. Position your brand in a way for clients and potential clients to quickly and easily categorize you. When customers need what you’ve got, you want them to know your brand is exactly who to call. Awesome Branding will also make you look like the original or the best solution, making it hard for others to copy you.

A major component of an Awesome BrandBuild is defining your Brand’s Attributes; what make up your brand. Brand Attributes are like your brand’s DNA – or blockchain. Tangible and intangible, emotional and functional characteristics that you and your business can become. When expressed and managed correctly, your Brand Attributes become the reasons people trust and do business with you.


Ok Cool, How do you determine your attributes?

These 8 questions will help you find your Brand Attributes. Now, the more honest you are about this, the better your results will be. These are similar things we ask our clients prior to scheduling a BrandCRAM session with us at Cusp Creative. Your input is not the most important, so also ask your friends, family, staff, and customers.

  1. Why are people buying the products and services in your market?
    * List some functional reasons (supplements to lose weight, workout programs to lose weight) and emotional reasons (healthier lifestyle, a better sense of self).
  2. What are people’s specific needs that help influence the purchase?
    * Needs can be functional (supplements must have good reviews, work better than others, be affordable) or needs can be emotional (supplements needs to be trendy and hi-profile, I need to like the trainer). People’s needs can also be based on fear (my friend’s trainer was awful, she was devastated) or on hope (I remember fitting into my old jeans, I want to have the same lifestyle as before).
  3. How does your Brand meet these needs?
    *These can be functional or emotional, tangible or intangible. Try to break them down into things you share with your competitors and things that only you (or very few people) do.
  4. In what ways can you prove your superior performance?
    *What is your Brand absolutely Awesome at?
  5. What Awesome Value Propositions (AVP)s do you have?
    * (e.g. knowledgeable ownership, industry accreditation, high-end clients/partners, endorsements)
  6. In what new areas would you like to move into and specialize in?
    * (e.g. personal training, webinars or podcasts)
  7. What do you and or your business stand for?
    * We all have a set of values and beliefs and identifiable personal passions that we have that might help connect with customers.
  8. What is awesome, original, or memorable about you?
    *(e.g. you always wear blue sneakers and have bright blue frames for your glasses.)

After you complete these questions and you don’t have a 50 or more answers, then you need to dig deeper. This is the list you can cull the attributes on which to build a strong, Awesome brand.

Once you have that ready to go, the next step is Build A Brand – We can help!

Schedule a BrandCRAM to see where you are, where you could go, and how you can get there

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