Done For You Facebook Ad Management

Done For You Facebook Ad Management

Let Cusp's Creatives nerd-out your account, make sure it's running and working to its fullest potential, and attract your ideal customers. We do all the Facebook Ads work for you. This program is for standard Facebook Ad campaigns -- lead campaigns, traffic campaigns, brand awareness, etc.

Ready To Advertise On Facebook?

Facebook Advertising doesn't have to be hard, time consuming or expensive, it just has to work! That's why we step up and help you and your business get what you want...more customers!

The easiest way to get up and going on Facebook with Ads

Month after month, our done-for-you clients watch their lists and profits grow by leaps and bounds. They get more sales calls with qualified leads, registrants for their events, and buyers for their services -- resulting in millions of dollars of new revenue.  

AND, if you have an online store, you're in luck! Seventy-five percent of our clients run an online store, so this is a system we are extremely well versed in (we are masters at remarketing). Running ads to an online store, or brick and mortar store, is a whole other animal and if you hire an Agency that does not specialize in this specifically, you will quickly lose money and regret that decision.  

How Does This Program Work

We Create 5 Facebook Ad Campaigns

Once you and your dedicated Account Manager have determined your individual Business goals, our team gets to work writg copy, creating images, an building target audiences for up to 5 Campaigns.

We Create Up To 50 Facebook Ads

Ads are no longer one size fits all. With Facebook Ads we have the opportunity to tailor Ads that are served to users by their individual interests. As we progress through the program, we better define your ideal customer and serve Ads to them - making more money for you!

We Monitor Your Facebook Ad Spend Up To $5000

Like all aspects of a successful Business, a hardline buget can keep you on track. Based on the Campaign types and audienceswe target for you, we can suggest some budgetary goals - and never go above it.

You Get A Dedicated Marketing Team For ONLY $1000 Per Month

Hiring a complete marketing team can be very costly and may not be reasonable for every Business (especially Small Business). With Cusp Creative's Facebook Ad Management program you have access to a complete marketing team dedicated to your success on Facebook - we love to help!


* Must Have a Business Manager Account With Facebook Before We Can Begin The Partnership * Facebook Page Admin Access * Facebook Ad Admin Account Access * Daily Budget, Paid For By You * A Credit Card That Is Attached to the Business Manager Account  

Ready to Get Started?

Cusp Creative Agency's Done For You Facebook Ad Management service is the easiest way for Business Owners to get up and going with Facebook Ads. Get a dedicated team of professional Digital Marketers, working, learning, optimizing, and driving new customers to your Business with Facebook Ads.


* 100% of Facebook Ads Management for Your Business! * A dedicated account manager, a real Digital Marketing Specialist, trained in current Facebook Ads best practices. * New Campaigns - we setup your Facebook campaign from scratch * Existing Campaigns - we optimize your existing campaigns on the Cusp of greatness and take them to the next level * A quick briefing on the Campaign's goals (more leads, sales, branding etc.) * We support ad spends up to $5,000 per month (want to spend more? we have higher level programs) * Complete FB Ad build or Optimization of up to 5 campaigns * Full geogrsaphic and demographic targeting and setup * Custom Audience, Look Alike Audience, & Saved Audience creation * A Monthly Facebook Ads report * All Ad creation using stock images, text creation and copy * 7-10 Business Days for Complete Setup * This is for 1 Facebook Ads Account/1 Business URL * ** If you would like retargeting please purchase "Retargeting Management" in the shop

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You Might Be Wondering...

Is there a setup fee?  

There is a $1000 setup Fee to ensure that your Facebook Business Page & Facebook Ad Account are optimized to properly serve ads to users. We will also diagnose your Facebook PIxel, to ensure it is proprely installed on your Website/Landing Page.

Is there a contract?  

There are three lenghts of contracts - 3 months, 6 months, and yearly. In order for the campaigns to have a proper amount of time have an impact and be able to utilize all of the data, we recommend at least a 6 month engagement.

Is there a minimum budget I should have for this service?

There is a minimal monthly Facebook budget of $300 per month. A budget of at least $500 per month is recommended..

What type of account do I need?  

You must have a Facebook Business account before partnering on this service.

Do you handle all the tracking and optimization? 

Yes, the Facebook pixel will be generated but it will be up to the client to place the code on the website or landing pages. We will provide instructions on how to place the code. The Facebook pixel also includes conversion tracking. And yes, all optimization is included in the service each month.

Is it possible to see results the first month or should I be ready for more than one month to give it a fair shot?

PPC is an ongoing service that requires time, data and optimizations to get it well oiled and worked. While the services are month to month, we ask that clients give at least 90 days to allow us to grow and optimize the campaigns. Clients can expect to see traffic and "results" within the first 30 days. The "results" (leads, calls, sales or whatever the goal) will only improve over time. It's very common to turn on a PPC campaign and see leads come in the same day!